Restorative Schools Australia

25 Years In: Restorative Practice in Australian Schools

 In the 1990s, Australia made history. The first schools in the world to bring Restorative Practice to the classroom were here in Australia. The first study of Restorative Practice in the world occurred in a school in Queensland in 1994.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Restorative Practice, Dr. Kristin Reimer, Monash University, is conducting a study to determine the current state of Restorative Practice in Australian schools and to think through what the future could hold.

The Restorative Schools Australia website serves as a go-to place for those curious about Restorative Practice. A place where you can learn about the amazing work going on in Australian schools and can be inspired to consider how Restorative Practice might look in your own school. 

Dr Kristin-Reimer-teaching-in-RJ-circle-at-Monash-University

Kristin Reimer Teaching at Monash University, Melbourne

The study

The 25 Years In project aims to answer the questions: where have we been, where are we now and where to from here?

The 25 Years In project will try to understand our past, our present and our future by:

1. Conducting a national survey on school’s current practice

2. Exploring Australia’s historic role with RP through interviews with people involved in the origins

3. Creating profiles of schools across Australia doing ‘stand-out’ work with RP and feature these on this website.

4. Connecting people across the country who are interested in seeing RP thrive in Australia


Prep Students in Restorative Circle, Fairholme College QLD

Team members

Dr. Kristin Reimer - Project Lead

Dr Kristin Reimer on Bruny Island Ferry, Tasmania

Kristin Reimer on Bruny Island Ferry, Tasmania

Kristin is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University.

Kristin is leading this project, driven by her curiosity to learn about Restorative Practice in her adopted land. A strong supporter of Restorative Justice, Kristin moved to Australia from Canada in 2016.

In this large and beautiful land, Kristin found it difficult to have a real sense of the good Restorative work happening across it. Restorative Schools Australia is meant to serve as a place people can come to when they want an overview of Restorative Practice in Australian schools.

Kristin has designed the website to celebrate transformative practice, provide information about trainings and events across the country and connect people to support and challenge one another to live, teach and learn restoratively.  

Kristin welcomes your comments and questions.

Dr. Haleh Rafi - Researcher

Dr Kristin-Reimer-teaching-in-RJ-circle-at-Monash-University

Dr Haleh Rafi, Monash University

Haleh Rafi is a researcher and a teacher with more than a decade of successful experience in primary, secondary and higher education.

She received her first PhD in Iran in English Language and Literature, and her second PhD in Australia where she studied Natural Spirituality as an educational process.

She is currently a research assistant and a teaching associate in the Faculty of Education in Monash University.